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Welcome to ragjournal, the journal for ragnarok users of all status, playing on private or legit server- everyone's welcome to tell, and show us their story.
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[07 Feb 2008|05:16pm]

*****Since I'm sure if this type of post is allowed, I would understand if the admin chose to delete this post*****

Hello All! I'm here to promote a new Private Low Rate (5x/5x/3x) Server:


Formerly ROCuldesac, our owner and a panel of GM's made the decison to close our server in 2007 and rebuild it. This new server is better than the old one by far. With Custom quests, Items, and the latest updates, this server is full of helpful and friendly GMs and players. We're always eager to see new faces, so come check us out! You can either visit our homepage via the link above or you can check us out on RateMyServer.Net

Hope to see you there!

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[20 Feb 2006|08:45pm]

Name: Samantha
Age: 20
Server: (*Legit, private. If private, what one + link.)
I played on Loki for iRO up until I quit a few months back (was on there two years), now Im on a private server called aRO (i love it). http://www.angelicro.com/4436.html
Ragnarok Characters:
iRO loki: Erinza (rogue), Erilectra (baby sader), Erianthe (blacksmith), Inez (sin),
and one more I cant even remember. On aRO I have Erilectra (Dancer) and Fancy (Alchemist).
Main Character:
Erilectra (for both).
Information about characters: (*anything you want to add about them. Optional.)
URL to picture of yourself: (*Optional)
URL to pictures of your characters: (*Preferably cropped screenshots)
URL to any other pictures you would like to add:

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[10 Aug 2005|08:45am]

Nice to meet you!

my info insideCollapse )
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[10 May 2005|09:57pm]

I finally completed the bunny band quest.

Everything was really easy to get except the 100 feathers.


But I have the stellar accessory and I don't know which looks better.

Decisions, decisions.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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general guides before joining [09 May 2005|01:41am]
Well, seeing is how I want the layout of the community to always look pretty- you're going to have to follow some guidelines to post your screenshots.
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[09 May 2005|12:19am]
Hello, I'm your administrator- Sarah. I play on private servers, thanks to the rising cost of legit. But, anyways. Currently I'm spending my time on the ChocoRO servers as Makiko the archer, so you'll be seeing alot of her very soon- I assure you. Although each server that everyone's playing on is different, I believe that ragnarok is ragnarok- just cope. I don't want to get all personal with server preferences. In the future, if you want to share your private server with the journal, please- do so. If you want to be mean, don't. Just leave, or be quiet.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

<3 Sarah
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